How to choose Ray Ban Sunglasses fit your face on cheap

How to select a pair of cheap sunglasses?

Why Choose Cheap Ray Ban?

  • Ray-Ban is a brand known globally.
  • The brand continues to revolutionize their products.
  • Their products’ designs are classic and timeless.
  • Ray-Ban delivers quality products.

Glasses quality

UV Protection

Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause burns. cheap ray ban sunglasses . It is important to choose a pair of sunglasses with high UV protection. Good sunglasses, at least to block 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. If there is no label on the glasses to tell you how much UV protection this pair of glasses, do not buy.


Through the color of the sunglasses filter, fake ray bans 2018, the eyes see the contrast of color is different.Note: If you choose colored lenses, you must be sure to clear the traffic lights when you drive.Gray lenses can be very effective to reduce the intensity of light does not affect the color contrast.
Brown glasses can enhance some color contrast and block the blue light, so the brighter the day, the better to wear brown, such as snow.

  • Yellow is more yellow than brown color, can greatly enhance the color contrast, almost block all the blue light.
  • Red and orange are better for a cloudy winter.
  • Purple is for those who hunt on green grass.
  • The copper color can harmonize the color of the sky and the lawn at the same time, suitable for playing golf.
  • Blue and green can enhance the contrast of yellow, suitable for playing tennis.

Lens material

NXT polyurethane made of lenses, impact-resistant, flexible, lightweight, has a great optical clarity, but very expensive. Polycarbonate is easy to scrape, less than NXT polyurethane optical sharpness, but relatively inexpensive. Acrylic is also cheap, but it is‘t least durable and most transparent.

Glasses shape

1. Pilot

Typical brand, Ray-ban, shape round, the external sides of the sharp downward.Fits all face shapes.

Ran Ban New Wayfarer At Collection Tortoise RB2132 894/Z2 52-18

2. Oval

Notice the difference between it and pilot. ray ban sunglasses cheap. The shape is round, but the outer sides do not have a teardrop shape.Suitable for oval face, square face, pictured as Ray-ban.

RAY-BAN RB3561 Sunglasses 57 GENERAL 8053672730364

3. Butterfly

The two horns are upturned, showing a butterfly wing shape.Suitable for oval face.

4. Cat eye

Notice the difference between it and butterfly. Hot selling fake oakleys with free shipping. The Cat eye is more rounded, the middle is narrower and the horns are more tilted.

Oakley Frogskins LX Sunglasses

Oakley Frogskins LX Sunglasses

5. Square

Large square, suitable for oval face, round face.

6. Rectangle

Note the difference between the oval and the oval, the comparison square. Rectangular, suitable for oval face, square face, round face.

7. Round

Round, fit oval face, heart-shaped face, square face.

8. Semi-Rimless

There are no frames in the lower part.General sports glasses use this style.

9. Wayfarer

The top is straight and long. It was popular in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s and is now a retro style.


Price and brand

In the continuously changing world of fashion, few brands enjoy Ray-Ban’s unanimous popularity.If you once owned a pair of Ray-Ban’s then you are familiar with their high level of quality and beautiful designs. If not, maybe you are just looking for a style change and want to find the best sunglasses for you.

Ray-Ban is a premium brand so most of its sunglasses and eyeglasses revolve around the $100-$200 price range. It might be viewed as an expensive brand, however the frame’s quality, cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet.and sturdiness and scratch resistant materials will pay for itself in years and years of use. They’re a worthy investment.A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is an investment because you own them for many years.

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