The Best Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses to Wear in Summer

A fashionable sunglasses are the necessary concave moulding items in the spring and summer season. When you stay up late, rest bad or lazy do not want to makeup days, ray ban one day sale. a pair of sunglasses can cover fatigue, if you dress up bright, eye-catching sunglasses more can become the finishing touch of the pen. In short, have a pair of beautiful sunglasses, you can meimei out of the street.But the market of sunglasses style dazzling, know oneself most suitable what section?

Small test, you will be able to test of your most suitable sunglasses style.

1. What’s your primary purpose in wearing sunglasses?

A. Cosmetic face, occlusion of face defects → Jump to question 2
B. windproof, anti-light, Anti-ultraviolet →e
c. concave shape → jump to question 3
D. Lazy do not want to make up or other people can’t see what you are looking at, I want to bring some mystery! →a

2. What is your face shape?

A. Angular square face →f
B. Meat toot’s round face →d
C. face or flat-faced →a D. oval of the logo → Jump to question 3

3. What is your everyday style of clothing?

A. Fashionable chic→d
B. Mature and capable →b
C. Personality Chao fan →g
D. Fresh literary →c

To see what your answer is.

A: D Shape Frame Sunglasses

D-shaped sunglasses are tough and concise. ray ban polarized aviators. They are more suitable for long faces and flat faces. These three-dimensional faces are also weaker. You can also use them to reduce the proportion of faces. Especially angular frames allow the outline to be more natural. But pay attention to the ratio of face width and lens to choose the appropriate size. The widest version of the eyeglass frame is best for creating a shorter face.

B: Square sunglasses

Square sunglasses are not like the round frame or oval sunglasses, ray ban sunglasses wayfarer giving a literary retro atmosphere, ray ban sunglasses wayfarer. the box sunglasses is more to show people’s handsome and domineering.The horny design and the large coverage of the area always give the women a beautiful face and a professional aura.

C: round frame sunglasses

The rounded lines of the retro round-framed sunglasses are less sturdy and more able to bring out women’s intellectuality and literary girlishness.

D: cat’s eye sunglasses

The girl with round face doesn’t cry. There are cat-eye sunglasses that suit us.You mustn’t pick a round frame sunglasses for a round face, and it will make your face look rounder. Suggest that you can pick the style of the end of the frame slightly raised, such as cat’s eye sunglasses, it can perfectly enhance the facial lines, and the round face of the cute feeling, so that the round face can also appear angular, and the best tripod glasses pick Finer.

E: Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are specially designed goggles for pilots. aviator sunglasses ray ban.There are usually two larger scallops full-color mirrors that can handle dazzling glare in the air. Although fashion styles are hot for many years, the lenses are lower. Focus, it is easy to shorten the proportion of the lower half of the face.

G: Unconventional sunglasses

For those who are catching up with the trend, come to an exaggerated pair of sunglasses. Even if your clothes are still the same, bring wild, more fun sunglasses, but it will make the whole person’s shape bright stand up.

Best ray ban sunglasses for young women

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Best ray ban sunglasses for cute men

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Ray-Ban RB3560

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Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 90664A

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Ray-Ban Justin RB4165

Ray Ban is interchangeable with sunshine and looking incredibly stylish. ray ban sunglasses for womens online. Best Aviator Sunglasses to Wear This Summer.

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